Thursday, 11 April 2013


It's April now! Can't believe I'm still blog about my last Aussie trip, guess it's gonna be an endless post cause am going again after 2 months. Teehee! ;) Alright, back to the topic, today I'm going to blog about our road trip to Hahndorf! A place that I miss so much after my first visit. *Miss the german food there actually. :X It was Australian day and also public holiday! So, babe boy was free and we finally have chance to visit there again. Well, let the photos continue this post cause I'm actually a little bit headache right now, and I'm lazy to write more. :P

Lunch @ The Hahndorf Inn

My favourite Pork Ribs!

12 chicken wings

His favourite Fish & Chips

I know right, it was a little bit too much for us. :X

After the very heavy lunch, we just walked around and then headed to the strawberry farm! :D

Homemade ice cream 

Next, strawberry picking!

tired face @@

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