Thursday, 11 April 2013


It's April now! Can't believe I'm still blog about my last Aussie trip, guess it's gonna be an endless post cause am going again after 2 months. Teehee! ;) Alright, back to the topic, today I'm going to blog about our road trip to Hahndorf! A place that I miss so much after my first visit. *Miss the german food there actually. :X It was Australian day and also public holiday! So, babe boy was free and we finally have chance to visit there again. Well, let the photos continue this post cause I'm actually a little bit headache right now, and I'm lazy to write more. :P

Lunch @ The Hahndorf Inn

My favourite Pork Ribs!

12 chicken wings

His favourite Fish & Chips

I know right, it was a little bit too much for us. :X

After the very heavy lunch, we just walked around and then headed to the strawberry farm! :D

Homemade ice cream 

Next, strawberry picking!

tired face @@

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Granite Island @ Victor Harbor

Today gonna blog about the happening day on first day of CNY. I know right, this happened one month ago, how inefficient I am. Babe boy decided to bring me to Victor Harbor on that day cause he don't need to work. It's holiday! Fyi, there's no holiday for Aussie during CNY. We went there all the way by using the google map only. And we chose the shortest route cause we thought that this could help us save up plenty of time. We're happy with that at first until we drove into a small rocky road. That place looks exactly like a jungle and nobody there, I can only see our car only. My heart started beating faster at the moment. Babe boy drove slowly, like 40km/hr and we thought everything will be fine. Suddenly, our car lost control, it began to skid and keep on turning left and right. This totally freaks me out and I was keep shouting and holding babe's hand tightly but he doesn't looks panic at all. I thought we will bump the big tree. Thanks god! The car finally back to its position and was under control. Phew! Thanks to babe too, calm enough and handle it well. I know right, I should just keep my mouth shut so that things wouldn't go worse because of me. *Slap myself I can't imagine what will happen next if this kind of thing happens on me. *Touch wood touch wood! We shall just remain calm and don't panic. So after that, our speed went down to 20km/hr and we reached our destination after awhile. 

The driver

This is where we've been through

Way to the island

Big big wind up there

Big wave as well

Random shot

It's a good place for us to relax and also sight seeing. Too bad I'm not the one who love to sight see, but I love to take photos! Love the scenery there and hope you guys enjoy the photos as well. Such a beautiful place. :) Had a good memory yet awful experience overall. Lol.


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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Korean food @ Koba

Was viewing my photos taken at Aussie makes me feel like blogging. Can't believe that I'm already back to home. My one month holiday really pass damn fast. :( Anyway, today's post gonna be a food post too, so it'll be quite short. I was craving for kimchi jjigae when I got there, which is my favorite korean food. The boyf decided to bring me to Soju Bar at first but he wasn't sure that whether do they serve it or only provide bbq. Before we heading out, his housemate recommended us this restaurant - Koba. This restaurant is inside a restored church which located nearby china town.  

Shrimp Bibimbap for him

Kimchi Jjigae for me

Spot my sunburn

They served their rice in the clay pot so that it can keep warm. Thumbs up for the food! The taste of the kimchi jjigae is thick enough and I love their side dishes as well, especially kimchi! But idk why they don't provide free refill service for the side dishes like the korean restaurants in Malaysia. Also, these food are only available during lunch hour, the menu for lunch and dinner are different. We went there again at night but ended up with disappointment cause we couldn't have what we want. :( But the owner told us that they will try to improve on this matter soon.

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

My first day

Hi peepo! Hi February! Greeting you guys from Aussie! :D Here I am again after half year! Am now currently staying at Adelaide with the babe boy. Teehee  Actually it's kinda late to say hi here cause I've been staying here for two weeks. Lol. Gosh! Time really flies. I'm still not ready to get back to Msia yet. Oppsss :X It's summer now!!! Yeah I love summer though I'm living in a hot weather country. I still prefer summer rather than the freezing cold winter. But, the weather here is not as hot as I thought, last few days were kinda windy and cold, and was even raining! Holly shit... 
Alright let's back to the topic, gotta blog bout day one now. After babe boy picked me up from the airport and everything is settled down, we went for Vietnamese food for our brunch! I know right, having Vietnamese food as my first meal here is kinda not right. But I was just craving for it, so here we go - Thanh Thanh.

My dearie 


 Spicy chicken with rice for babe

Beef noodle soup for me

Coconut water

Actually I have no idea what the drinks' name cause they're ordered by babe boy. And also the food name, I just simply labelled them according to what they are. Lol. Love their spicy chicken so so much! The taste and chicken was just cook to perfection! Omg, I think I'm gonna ask babe boy to bring me there again before I'm leaving. Hmph!
Fyi, I'm using babe boy's super old lappie to blog now. And you know, it's so freaking lag until I was so pek chek to resize the photos. So I guess I'll just stop here first. Gotta get ready now and off to the beach! Bwahaha! The weather is great today.
Will blog again soon!

Stay tuned!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Food Trip 2

Happy New Year everyone! It's already 4th now. Done with my 4 papers and 3 to go before holiday! Can't believe I still got time to blog now cause the next paper is on 6th morning, and it's a law paper! Wth. Never mind just forget bout it first. Lolol. Today's post is about a food trip with Chloe baby on last month at Penang. So basically it's just a one day trip lah!

Departed in the morning and going to have our favorite pan mee at I Mum Mum. This is our first try, we used to have our pan mee at the one under the trees. Lol have no idea what that place called. Luckily we found it, only with our GPS and phone map. Teehee! 


Dry one for me

Soup one for Chloe

Actually we decided to share one when we were discussing where to eat at the night before, cause we planned to go for korean food for our lunch right after pan mee. But, failed! Cause both of us were starving at that moment. Btw, the pan mee is yum! I love they serve with the 鱼饼, actually I don't really know what is it, it tastes like anchovies too. The brown and long thingy, can you guys see it in the picture? xD

So, as I mentioned, we going for our lunch at Kimchi. This is recommended by Chloe. She likes their Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi soup) which is very thick and taste good. And, she knows that I was craving for Kimchi Jjigae for such a long long time. So, there we are! 

Kimchi Jjigae

Sam Gyup Sal

Miss Braces so happy with her watermelon

And then I had fall for their Kimchi Jjigae too! Very delicious! But their side dishes is not really nice and few choices only. Fyi, I'm not a fans of korean food side dishes, so it's still fine for me. Oh ya, before we reach Kimchi, stop by to have our tauhu hua and egg tart first! Mentioned in my previous blog. Still very love it after so many times trying.

After that, went to Gurney to shop around and...

Grilled Scallop

This is also our first try. Chloe don't really fancy it but don't know why I like it. Haha

Dessert at Hui Lau San (许留三). Heard many negative comments bout it from friends, yet still insist to give it a try cause I just couldn't resist mango dessert. It's just so-so after all, taste not bad but nothing special actually. Ice cream and fruit that we can actually make it ourselves at home? Lol this is just my opinion, no offence. ;) But I quite like the one sort of mango sauce with some blended ice inside. Lol what a poor description! *forgive me plsss

Made a reservation for our dinner at Vintage Bulgarian that night. Had some funny moment that night. Lol I'm laughing now when thinking of how we played there. I love the environment there, their Christmas decoration and warm atmosphere.


Lamb Shank for Chloe

Bulgarian Sausage Platter for me

We had cheese wrapped with bacon as our starter, forget what it called. It's too salty, but I actually like the cheese. Chloe's lamb shank is good but mine..... I think I ordered their signature main course but idk why it just not taste good like I imagine. Or maybe it doesn't suit my taste. And it doesn't looks tempting too right? All black. Lol. I supposed there's still many better food there, but I made a wrong choice probably? Hmmm....


That's all for today! Hope these photos didn't make you guys droll. Bwahaha! Okay, back to revision now!